Dear Neighbors:
A brief update for January 28-February 4th:
  • In anticipation of the storm, the contractor plans to be on site for snow removal purposes only this Sunday 
  • For your own safety, please do not park within the construction fence. It is not safe to do so.
  • The USPS has moved the mailbox that was in front of 114 Whitwell Street to 121 Whitwell Street (the yellow building across the street)
Construction Updates:
  • Building B steel erection completed 1/21, metal decking installation is ongoing 
  • Building D foundation excavation is expected to be complete this week and foundation work is ongoing
  • Building A interior backfill is nearing completion and underground plumbing is expected to begin this week
  • Wood framing for buildings A and B is expected to begin in February
  • Administration Building excavation for underground plumbing is complete, and interior elevator shaft demolition is ongoing
For construction-related questions or concerns, please call our “construction hotline” at (617) 890-9430.
As always, if you or any of the members of the community have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or text 617-890-6372.
Please visit our website,, to review previous updates, to find construction-related contact information and subscribe to these emails.



Thank You,

The FoxRock Properties Team