Dear Neighbors,
A brief project update for the week of May 31st:
  • The construction team will be observing Monday’s holiday
  • Vertical demolition is complete for Phases 1 and 2
  • Site demolition is ongoing
  • Phase 3 demolition will begin in early June
  • As demolition proceeds, we will continue to increase our dust mitigation efforts:
  • Last week, water trucks were brought on site to be used in open areas to help manage dust
  • Air Quality monitoring continues. Please visit our website FAQs to learn more about the air quality monitoring
For construction-related questions or concerns, please call our “construction hotline” at (617) 890-9430.



NOW: Demolition currently underway
Mid-2021: Start of foundation
Late 2022/Early 2023: We currently anticipate that the first apartment building of approximately 150 units will begin leasing
Early 2023: The first building will open, including the renovated Administration Building, which will include the Leasing Center and a significant portion of the project’s amenities
Early 2024: We anticipate the final phase of construction will be completed


As always, if you or any of the members of the community have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or text 617-890-6372.

For construction-related questions or concerns, please call our “construction hotline” at (617) 890-9430.

Please visit our website,, to review previous updates, to find construction-related contact information and subscribe to these emails.



Thank You,

The FoxRock Properties Team